20090926_syn_172I love being a bar mitzvah photographer here in NYC, and I love being a photojournalist because there is always such material to photograph at every job I shoot. I love this photo because it shows the bar mitzvah boy surrounded by his grandparents as he reads from the torah, the fact that its natural and un-posed makes it an even nicer picture to me.

ny city bat mitzvah photographer shows cute party photos in New York City.

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There’s always something to learn about style, and these girls taught me a lesson about having confidence and attitude in this small city of New York. ┬áThe bar mitzvah party was fun, everyone was dancing & here were two kids showing me their stuff!

width="600"Magical wishes were made by this NY City bat mitzvah girl, as she celebrated her 13th birthday. Photography by NYC bar mitzvah photographer Teri Bloom.