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A local consulting firm wanted us to shoot journalistic photos showing their corporate culture, and this was a favorite shot. If you’re a NYC based business looking for executive headshots, portraits or professional photography, choosing a reputable professional photographer is recommended.

Its helpful to make a list of the website photos you’d like to capture. Choose the people who will be posing in the photos, go over clothing choices and locations to work in. Proper planning will yield a wider variety of good photographs to choose from and brighten up the visual content of your website.

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Its always a great time to update your social media profile with a flattering and professional corporate headshot, and this couldn’t be easier or more convenient to do than in NY City. In ten minutes, at your office or at our studio, we can shoot a range of portrait poses and deliver your new Linked-In business photo within 24 hours.

Backgrounds can be solid or textured, formal or loose and casual. Bring a jacket and tie, or wear jeans and a t-shirt, we’ll take great portraits that will reflect your personality in the most flattering of ways.

When in need of a new corporate business headshot, please give us a shout, we’re happy to help!


Its said that first impressions are lasting, so it makes sense to have your Linked-In or business headshot be the best it can be. Consider hiring a professional portrait photographer to help you get a nice flattering portrait, so you can put your best foot forward.

As a professional portrait photographer in NY City, I feel strongly that its always better to smile than be too serious for the simple reason that unconsciously we react positively to a smiling face. Also recommended is to wear a dark jacket because visually it contains the image and focuses the viewer’s attention on your face.

And third, decide if you want your headshot to be done in a studio with lighting and a backdrop, or if you’d like your business portrait to be taken outdoors for a more casual look. Both styles of executive headshots work well, its just a matter of which style suits you.