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If you’re looking for a great and highly experienced bar or bat mitzvah photographer here in NYC, look no further! Teri Bloom has photographed hundreds of mitzvah celebrations over the years, journalistically capturing the service, portraits, kiddish luncheons or evening kids parties.

To ensure thorough photographic coverage of this special day, please share the day’s timeline with us and make a list of special friends and family members so no picture if forgotten. Photos are delivered as digital negatives as well as via an online gallery if you’d like.

Please let us know if we can help with your child’s mitzvah celebration photography, we’re happy to help in any way we can!

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As a busy corporate photographer in NY City, I regularly shoot special event, portrait, party, and website photography assignments for my clients. In this age of specialization, I’m proud to be a professional photographer with a large tool kit so I can get the job done!

Its great for us all to have updated professional portraits for linked-in, and when the holidays roll around, to document your corporate christmas or holiday party with fun photos for all. Party and special event photos can be uploaded to a website for everyone to view and enjoy.

Regardless of your photography needs, rest assured that we can handle almost any corporate, portrait or special event photo assignment!

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NYC Bar Mitzvah Photographer shot party candids

Bar mitzvah photography has changed so much in the past twenty years due to better digital cameras, and the newer technology permits us to get more spontaneous and fun candid shots than ever. Digital cameras are so sensitive that they allow us to shoot in very low light and capture the lighting and ambience of the decor in the most natural of ways.

To do a thorough job, shooting bat mitzvah party photography includes many components, beginning with family portraits and sometimes the religious service. Once the reception starts, we cover the decor, cocktail hour coverage of the kids and the adults, then the speeches, toasts, video montage, dancing and kids having fun. Sometimes we’ll do some more family shots that are looser and more fun than the religious portraits, and gather specific groups of VIP friends together as well.

Having shot hundreds of bar, bat and b’nai mitzvahs in my career, I can honestly say that I love it. What could be more enjoyable than being in the midst of a happy and joyous occasion than this!? We photographers have a great job! See more of our bar mitzvah photography here:

20090926_syn_172I love being a bar mitzvah photographer here in NYC, and I love being a photojournalist because there is always such material to photograph at every job I shoot. I love this photo because it shows the bar mitzvah boy surrounded by his grandparents as he reads from the torah, the fact that its natural and un-posed makes it an even nicer picture to me.

width="600"Magical wishes were made by this NY City bat mitzvah girl, as she celebrated her 13th birthday. Photography by NYC bar mitzvah photographer Teri Bloom.

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Good friends, music, candy, lots of cute boys — this NY City bar mitzvah party was the best!