Business portraits can be done in a number of creative ways, if a standard headshot seems too traditional for you. Its fun and easy to get more creative, by doing a journalistic executive portrait. This approach involves photographing the subject while he or she is actually working and taking meetings, like the shot in this post.

Shooting editorial-style portraits is a great way to go for many reasons. First, you’ll have a wide variety of moments to choose from. Second, you’ll have a selection of stock photos that you can use in the future for brochures and advertising campaigns. And third, you can relax and be yourself if you’re not so comfortable posing in front of the camera.

To make this type of corporate photo work best, its important to pose the shot in a simple corporate environment that will convey confidence, good energy and professionalism.

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NYC Bar Mitzvah Photographer shot party candids

Bar mitzvah photography has changed so much in the past twenty years due to better digital cameras, and the newer technology permits us to get more spontaneous and fun candid shots than ever. Digital cameras are so sensitive that they allow us to shoot in very low light and capture the lighting and ambience of the decor in the most natural of ways.

To do a thorough job, shooting bat mitzvah party photography includes many components, beginning with family portraits and sometimes the religious service. Once the reception starts, we cover the decor, cocktail hour coverage of the kids and the adults, then the speeches, toasts, video montage, dancing and kids having fun. Sometimes we’ll do some more family shots that are looser and more fun than the religious portraits, and gather specific groups of VIP friends together as well.

Having shot hundreds of bar, bat and b’nai mitzvahs in my career, I can honestly say that I love it. What could be more enjoyable than being in the midst of a happy and joyous occasion than this!? We photographers have a great job! See more of our bar mitzvah photography here: www.teribloom.com/barmitzvahs

school photographer nyc, alumni photographer nycIts said that over 37% of New Yorkers were born in another country, making NY City one of the world’s major melting pots.  Naturally, the top graduates flock to NYC from the best universities in the world, seeking employment and bright beginnings.

Since there are so many international grads in New York, many college and university alumni events are held here.  As a NYC alumni event photographer, we capture photos of old friends mingling, and shoot the speeches and formal presentations.  Our photos are used for the university’s PR, alumni publications and go on the website.

These assignments are always fun and enjoyable to cover, and it makes me sentimental to feel so much good energy in one room!