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Professional Photographer NYC shot of new york city special event.

Rockefeller Center is one of the coolest places in NY City and what a place to have a corporate event! This photo is an overview of a party thrown by a non-profit to raise money for medical research and was attended by over 800 people.

For anyone who’s not been to Rockefeller Center, in the winter this space transforms to an ice skating rink while in the summer its often used for special events. Its one of the largest and coolest venues in the city for large parties like this one.

Also if you’re visiting New York City around Christmas, be sure to stop here and see the beautiful Christmas tree, you’ll never forget how majestic it looks!

Corporate event photographer at nyc party

Corporate meeting photographer at NYC business event.

As women around the world climb the corporate ladder, there are many professional organizations hosting educational and networking events. These types of meetings are excellent opportunities to socialize in a professional environment, exchange business cards and share helpful tips.

Business networking is important for all of us, as its a great way to keep abreast of industry trends, make contacts that might be useful down the road, and its always nice to meet new people anyway.

As a corporate business event photographer in NYC, I’m always inspired by the wonderful brilliant women that speak and attend these special events.

20140121_event_097Teamwork is so important for businesses to be successful these days. Here’s a corporate event photo I shot at a recent corporate training in NY City.  The most effective management teams meet regularly so they have a cohesive marketing plan.  As a professional photographer, I believe in teamwork too!

When I have a professional photographer job, whether it be as an event photographer or as a portrait photographer in NYC, I always work closely with clients so I can do the best possible job for them.  I ask lots of questions about how I can meet their needs and get the right photos for press and social media.   Always, being a team player is the way to go!  See more events here: www.teribloom.com/events