20151021_gal_345We shot this non-profit event at the NY City Edison Ballroom, a historic space in the New York Theater District. It was a great event, honoring Mary Dinkins and attended by hundreds of guests.

Floral arrangements were by designer Felix Perea, and the magenta and yellow spot lights gave the room a warm and photogenic feel.

The event started with a cocktail hour upstairs, then Mayor De Blasio spoke and presented Mayor Dinkins with the award honoring his political and lifetime achievements.


Its said that first impressions are lasting, so it makes sense to have your Linked-In or business headshot be the best it can be. Consider hiring a professional portrait photographer to help you get a nice flattering portrait, so you can put your best foot forward.

As a professional portrait photographer in NY City, I feel strongly that its always better to smile than be too serious for the simple reason that unconsciously we react positively to a smiling face. Also recommended is to wear a dark jacket because visually it contains the image and focuses the viewer’s attention on your face.

And third, decide if you want your headshot to be done in a studio with lighting and a backdrop, or if you’d like your business portrait to be taken outdoors for a more casual look. Both styles of executive headshots work well, its just a matter of which style suits you.

20140121_event_097Teamwork is so important for businesses to be successful these days. Here’s a corporate event photo I shot at a recent corporate training in NY City.  The most effective management teams meet regularly so they have a cohesive marketing plan.  As a professional photographer, I believe in teamwork too!

When I have a professional photographer job, whether it be as an event photographer or as a portrait photographer in NYC, I always work closely with clients so I can do the best possible job for them.  I ask lots of questions about how I can meet their needs and get the right photos for press and social media.   Always, being a team player is the way to go!  See more events here: www.teribloom.com/events

20121018_gala_138Spring can’t come fast enough for us New Yorkers, but its not too early for our non-profit clients to be planning their May and June special events. As a NYC special event photographer studio specializing in non-profit fundraising event photography, we’re looking forward to taking great party & event photos this season!

The Big Apple is freezing this winter, but NY City’s corporate party planners are busy planning their spring special events & galas. As an experienced NYC event photographer, its so helpful to receive the timeline, VIP guests & rush press photos list in advance. When we’re all on the same page, not a photo can be missed!