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So happy that 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson used this portrait I took at a recent speaking engagement in her run for president. She’s used a variety of my photos on her Facebook page and Instagram which has been very exciting for me.

If your company is sponsoring a special event with a panel of speakers, please feel free to check out our special event portfolio here: As journalistic photographers, we document corporate special events in detail, capturing the decor, signage, VIPs, speakers and the reception afterwards. Please let us know if we might be able to be of help.

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nyc best special event photographer at corporate reception in ny city

Had a blast covering this corporate reception at the Rainbow Room. Magnus Carlsen, the best chess player in the world — played about 20 simultaneous chess games with the guests. It was a great evening enjoyed by all.

When planning your next party in NY City, it always makes the event more special when you have an experienced professional photographer who knows how to document the reception with great candid photos. We always are sure to get shots of the VIP guests and wide shots showing the crowd.

Please let us know if we can ever be of help with photography of your next NYC special event.

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professional photographer nyc shot lawyer portrait social media photos for linked-in

We enjoyed taking new photos for this local law firm, who will use the images for their website photography and social media. Using various backgrounds in the office, the photo shoot included candid headshot portraits as well as photojournalistic pictures of the staff in action.

If you want to make the very best first impression, its always important to hire an experienced professional photographer who has the technical skills to do a great job — and who also has the people skills to make people feel relaxed and comfortable as the photos are taken. We’re always here to help with any questions!

With the new year upon us, its a great time to get a great new portrait photo for Linked-In and other social media. Among the most experienced headshot photographers in NY City you can count on us to deliver your new portraits quickly and efficiently.

Studio portrait photography can be done using multiple backdrops including in the park on a warm sunny day, or against a gray or white background. The style can be work casual or more corporate, depending on the end use. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of help!

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nyc special event photographer at business meeting photography ny city

Planning your company’s next corporate event in NYC and looking for an experienced special event photographer to cover it for you? As one of NY City’s top business photographers, we’ve documented events for years and delivered a balanced mix of candid photos and coverage of the program.

We’re happy to upload the photos to a website so you can share the evening’s photos with your guests, or deliver photos the next day for social media. Please let us know how we can be of help!

First impressions are lasting, especially when you’re networking via LinkedIn or posting a personal ad photo. This is why you should have a talented NY City professional portrait photographer take your headshot photos. NYC has wonderful backgrounds for your corporate portrait including many parks and brownstones.

Depending on how your portrait photography will be used online, you may want to wear professional attire if you’re looking for a job, or wear weekend casual if the photo is for personal use. Take a range of full-length, 3/4 and close up photos so you’ll have a great choice to work with whether your professional photos are for a personal ad photograph or for a job posting.

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NY City’s top special event photographer at corporate event in nyc

With autumn upon us, its time that event planners start arranging for their upcoming corporate event, reception, and holiday parties. Choosing the right location, music and vendors contribute to the success of the evening and everyone having a great time.

As a special event photographer in NYC for over 20 years, I’ve covered dozens of non-profit gala receptions, corporate meetings, Christmas holiday parties in the tri-state area.
The most important advice I offer clients is to make a list of special photos of the VIPs and special guests so I’m sure to not miss a photo.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime if we can be of help and thanks!

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Wedding proposal shower engagement party photographer in ny city

What better backdrop to use than our amazing New York City skyline to propose to the girl of your dreams? We covered this surprise wedding proposal engagement high atop NYC and it was a perfect and wonderful afternoon. If you’re planning a surprise wedding proposal, bridal shower or a engagement party in NY, we’re happy to help.

With a surprise wedding engagement proposal, I usually hide where I’m able to see the couple approaching the planned proposal location. As everything unfolds in the best of ways, we cover the surprise and reactions with candid photos, then take some posed shots. I can’t think of a greater job to have!

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NYC special event photographer at ny city party for gay pride celebration photography

It was a rainbow party in NY City this year as many thousands marched, danced and waved to the crowds at the NYC Gay Pride Parade. Tennis legend Billy Jean King was one of the grand marshalls this year and I was happy to catch this shot of her as she went by.

Special event photography in NYC is so much fun because whether the assignment is to be a photographer at a birthday party, corporate event or non-profit gala, people are always happy and this makes my job even more fun!

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ny city professional photographer shot business portrait photo for nyc law firm

A local consulting firm wanted us to shoot journalistic photos showing their corporate culture, and this was a favorite shot. If you’re a NYC based business looking for executive headshots, portraits or professional photography, choosing a reputable professional photographer is recommended.

Its helpful to make a list of the website photos you’d like to capture. Choose the people who will be posing in the photos, go over clothing choices and locations to work in. Proper planning will yield a wider variety of good photographs to choose from and brighten up the visual content of your website.

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